Barry E.Springgay- A High Definition Video Lighting Cameraman Cell: 416 230 8747

Another exotic location, this time in a basement for a renovation show, showing the removal of hazardous waste material. It was worth wearing this suit, just for the feeling of relief when I finally got to take it off.

This was taken on a Discovery Channel shoot, where we are closer to the North Pole than the Arctic Circle. I think this is the farthest away I've been from anywhere! More proof in the next picture…

…Just how far North? The huge dish behind me is pointed pretty much 90 degree South to capture the Equatorial Satellite Signals.

Would you let this bunch operate on you? Actually we are about to enter one of the largest drug manufacturers in Canada, and all the paraphernalia is to keep us ultra clean, and from inhaling anything we're not supposed to.

Personal Equipment List

Besides working with HD, DV and other format equipment, my personal equipment list includes


State of the art Hi Definition Sony XD Cam 800, 2/3" ultra fine sensor, downloads to any editing fomat.

This camera records on a standard XD Cam disc that gives a safe archival "hard copy" of the footage, which easily downloads to any editing format.


The Fujinon Super Wide Hi Definition lens mates perfectly with the 2/3" XD Cam sensor for amazing dynamic pictures.


Multi head full size flexible lighting kits including chimeras, background pattern projection, red heads, totas, minis and more...designed for travel and easy setup. I work with a number of "charge only what is used" rental trucks that provide any equipment needed for more complex productions.

Camera Jib

Tripod mount "Easy Jib" is extremely portable, and its flexibility gives those sexy boom shots from ground to 8' ceiling with minimal setup time giving extra production value every time, with minimal fus.


High Definition 8" Marshal field monitor plus 21" client monitors


You have access to a quality list of sound technicians, grips, production assistants, P.A.'s, makeup artists.


20' x 12' chameleon backdrop for multiple background looks and designs, prompter strength Sachtler tripod, high hat, two quality wireless mics, flex fills, grip equipment, and a mini van that seats four crew and regular equipment.

Plus Plus

Access to a "pay as you go" production equipment rental truck with all the extras needed from dollies to blondes, grips to mafers.

Experienced field producers and interviewers available through AceCam

Here I am with a very talented stand-in, for Hillary Clinton's husband. He was up in Canada doing a commercial, and told us he actually received a "cease & desist" letter from The White House once for his impersonations.

Yes, that's me under there. This is how I had to dress when shooting for a Discovery Channel documentary about the famous "Father Goose", Bill Lishman and his next project.
Anybody that came in contact with the birds, that he was training to fly south, were required to don camouflage so the birds would not become dangerously accustomed to humans.

Another long and difficult day, working this time with a Canadian Playmate of the Year. My soundman, Brent Robichaud (bottom right) is a very happy man, with an interesting story to tell about how difficult it is to pin a lapel mic on silk. We were shooting for E! Entertainment during the Toronto Film Festival.

Don't Shoot!

The most interesting pic I brought back from a shoot for Scotiabank - an international operation with branches all around the world. Note the sign in the background.
This video gave me my first circumnavigation of the planet: however, this is one of the sights we decided to pass on...