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This was, as you would expect, a fun shoot. Steve Martin is a funny guy, but sets up his scenes with the exactness of a scientist. While working on Cheaper By The Dozen II, we had to figured out when to pop in for a "Behind The Scenes Look" on camera; it was only when he sort of gave us a wink and a nod. Martin and John Cleese are much the same in that they give very droll in interviews, but come alive in front of the camera... once he has things set up just right

Here's the production crew for the "Behind The Scenes" of Camp Rock II. Me on the left, Chelsea the PA/Second Camera, and super sound guy Justin Pike. Chelsea is my niece and is following in her Uncle's footsteps. She has become a real pro and is way ahead of me when I was her age.

I have travelled the world several times, and My Lady Dianne has stories to tell about Chinese telephone operators and exotic gifts. Now and then I get to send here a pretty cool "Miss You" note. This was from a Discovery shoot with NASA.

Worked on Literally Hundreds of films...shooting EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and BTS (Behind The Scenes) for Media Release and DVD Special Features.

Having worked on film sets over the years doing EPK's and DVDís, as well shooting for Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and E! Entertainment, I have developed a keen sense of set etiquette. Besides being aware of set politics and the various hierarchies, I have an awareness of when to shoot, and perhaps just as important when not to shoot, or even look like I've been shooting. Anybody who has works on set knows what I'm talking about.

Being a IATSE member for almost a decade, I have worked with just about every film crew in Toronto, and some in Vancouver & Montreal. It means a lot to get that smile of recognition when I show up on set.

Despite being in the same union, I show the respect a visitor on a set should, and get that same respect in return. I also keep aware that I am NOT shooting the movie, I am shooting the Making Of The Movie - pull backs to reveal camera and lights, continuing to roll after a take to catch the directors instructions, or a laugh from the actors, watching for those moments that show the talent relaxed and human, and in the best light.

I've worked on stunt movies, love movies, action movies, special FX movies - you name it. I work with experienced sound people, and can shoot unsupervised on a "B" roll day, if sending a producer isn't necessary.

I also work with a number of field producers & interviewers, hired through AceCam if needed.

For more information please email me at or call me at 416 230 8747

Here's my sophisticated and worldly experienced crew, that's me in the middle, pleased as punch to be in a picture with a hand puppet. But who wouldn't be!? We were shooting a promo for the latest Muppet Movie, and it was Kermit himself that asked for it. He's one cool frog.

A still from the set of Blues Brothers 2000. Although you can't make them out in this picture,the likes of Eric Clapton, BB King, Steve Winwood, Clarence Clemens, Bo Diddley, and many more rock & roll greats are jamming to the consternation of director John Landis. I hired another crew to shoot with me for the three days out of 20 that these masters of their universe were in the movie.

"One of the really special professional perks of doing DVD shooting on movie sets, is meeting and talking to some of the greats. Here I’m with Jack N. Green, the DOP of many Clint Eastwood movies, including "Unforgiven". He gave me a few pointers on how to light Meg Ryan, on the set of "Against The Ropes.

No, we are not doing the DVD of a Lawrence of Arabia re-make…but it is about 100 degrees on the set of a John Landis movie, and we might be hiding. Premier producer Doug McCally and I are cooling down with camphor towels, waiting for the next take.