Barry E.Springgay- A High Definition Video Lighting Cameraman Cell: 416 230 8747

I have shot quite a few medical operations over the years, from open heart to angioplasty. The procedure I'm getting ready for here involved having the camera wiped down and dressing in scrubs. I am also wearing a lead apron for protection, since the X-ray is on the whole time, allowing the surgeon to see inside the body as he works.

On the set of "The Scarlet Letter', a major motion, in Nova Scotia, shooting for Entertainment Tonight. What was truly amazing was the authenticity of the set and action. When I took my eye away from my camera, it looked for all intents and purposes that I was in the middle of a real Indian attack!

I've enjoyed shooting a lot of car races across North America for FOX, ESPN, TSN and live broadcast including 12 Hours of Seebring in Florida, Sears Point in San Francisco, Watkins Glen and Mosport here in Canada. Following a race car flying past at 200 mph, while zooming, panning and staying in focus keeps the shooting senses sharp!

Contact Information

The easiest and quickest way to get in contact is to email or text me, as I am often on set. If you call and I can't answer, my cell also takes messages.

Cell: 416-230-8747