Barry E.Springgay- A High Definition Video Lighting Cameraman Cell: 416 230 8747

"I have worked with Barry for quite a few years, on a large range of shoots, locally and around the world. What stands out is the consistent quality of his shooting in diverse situations and the appreciation and care of my clients."

Rob Petch
Executive Producer
The Cormana Group

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Here I am with Elvis on one of the more fun EPK shoots. The movie tells the story of Elvis driving across the US to have a talk with Nixon, and what took place when he meets up with 'Tricky Dick.' Perhaps the oddest thing is that it's based on fact!

This is the crew and star from the NFB documentary "Dream Machine." To my left is Roberta Michelle, the subject of the doc, the director, Sue Raynard, and soundman Sanjay Mehta. The doc follows the packaging of talent by the star-making machinery behind the popular song.

Oh, the exotic locations I get to travel to... including this Northern Ford test facility where new traction software is being put through the paces in 20 degree below zero temperatures. And there I am, somewhere under 3 or 4 layers in a chase vehicle. Anything to get the shot!

It's hard to beat the variety in this job. I'll be showing this picture of shooting in a Snow Bird Jet to the grand kids.
We flew inverted, straight up,
straight down, and all the while
I’m clutching my camera,
and doing my best to get the shot.


Client List

I have been fortunate over the years to have worked with an amazingly diverse list of clients, in a wide variety of locations under every conceivable shooting condition. Just reading the client list below will conger up what I mean…

NOTE: You can read some feedback I've received from these and other clients after this list

A & E Biography
"A Day With" Portrait
Alliance Atlantis
Apple Corporation
Australian Broadcasting Corp.
Australian Television Network
Bank Of Montreal
Barrick Gold
Britney Spears Tour 2001
Business TV
Canadian Tire Corporation
Canal Plus
CBC Public Affairs
Channel Four/London
Comedy Central
CTV Network News
CTV Sports
Discovery Channel
Dr. Phil Show
E! Entertainment-USA
Entertainment Tonight
Federal Express
FireWorks Entertainment
FX The Series
Frank Russel Inc.
Fox Television Network
Fiftyfive Fiftyfive
Paramount Pictures
General Electric
German Television Network
Harpo Productions
HBO Studios
HBO Sports
J Walter Thompson
Jim Hensen Productions
Lives Of The Rich & Famous
Ministry of Transportation
Miramax Films
Ontario Nuclear/Darlington
Ontario Ministry Of Transportation
Outdoor Life Network
Paramount Pictures
Real TV
Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
Royal Bank
Showtime Movie Network
Sports Illustrated Television
The Sports Network
Toronto Film Festival
Universal Pictures
Women's Television Network
Zebra Graphics




…This positive initial experience with Barry convinced me to request his services whenever I've had the opportunity for subsequent productions in Canada. I've had the good fortune to have his participation on numerous projects since then. Each time has been equally successful and enjoyable. I highly recommend Barry Springgay as Director of Photography and/or Camera Operator for any type of video or film production. Mark S. Munson Producer / Director "Fast Track Entertainment Group

Mark S. Munson
Producer / Director
Fast Track Entertainment Group , Hollywood, California

In the field, my Director of Photography is an integral part of the production team. They help bring my vision to life not only with technical knowledge of the camera and lighting, but also insight into how to best present the often complex subject visually - no small feat in shooting science and technology.…his technical and artistic talents are paired with his people skills. Barry's ability to work with people in the field in a friendly and empathetic manner is a big plus in putting everyone at ease.

Laura Boast
Senior Producer
Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Senior Editor

It's always a pleasure to work with Barry.He's fast and his choice of shots and angles add energy to my productions.He really shoots with the editor in mind.

Neil Williamson
Senior Editor

I have worked for a number of years now with Barry,on some fairly complex and intense shoots.His acute eye and quality lighting help bring these stories to life.

Frank Grimes
(Directors Guild of America)
(Ripley's Believe It Or Not, National Geographic, Real TV)

Several years ago one of our long term production clients said to us, 'There's this shooter in have to get him on your list...' and now...Barry takes our clients' hands and gets them through their projects-from simple "B" roll and interviews to multi-camera coverage of a live musical event.
We do not need to worry about what is going on during his shoots-we know Barry can get the job done.

David Henthorne
The Crew Company
Retains crews throughout North America for Worldwide clients.