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Barry E.Springgay- A High Definition Video Lighting Cameraman Cell: 416 230 8747

This is an iconic shot for me. I grew up wanting to work in movies. Seeing a cameraman on a big movie crane swooping down for the shot shouted "Movies!" more than anything…and here I am. This was on a very cool promo shoot for Disney.

I spent a week shooting with an Al Jezeera crew here in Toronto, studying Canadian Democracy and election methods. I'm standing beside a suave and sophisticated Middle East Reporter, after we did a standup in Arabic atop the CBC buiding

On a simulated Mars location, I am following the steps of a engineer testing a space suit designed for walking long distances; something they will be doing a lot of on the Red Planet.

World Wide Stage

…Twenty years of lighting & camerawork, Film to High Definition, have taken me from corporate boardrooms to steaming jungles; from behind the scenes DVDs of blockbuster movies to social documentaries; from professional sports & major news events to commercial and series production... and just about everything in between.

Experience Pays

…in understanding the uniqueness of each project; keeping the shooting style fresh and innovative; and realizing how a working relationship with client and crew can make or break a shoot when the pressure's on.

Personal Equipment

…includes a The Top End Hi Definition Sony XD Cam 800 ( 4-2-2) downloadable to ANY format, on site, Sony Z1U HDV Hi Def mid size camera, and of course The Stick Anywhere Go Pro Hi Def ultra mini Camera, multi head lighting package, camera mini jib with 10 foot range, and access to all current camera formats. Backing up the equipment are the contacts to pull together a crew of some of the best sound technicians, grips and makeup artists around plus equipment package trucks and a variety of studio spaces, large and small.

Commitment To Quality

Projects big or small, it applies to them all. I have gone out with my basic 2 wireless sound kit on small shoots, to hiring a crew of 12 plus talent with multiple sound feeds.

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Barry E.Springgay
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Once again I'm up in Canada's North Country, this time relaxing with two mining employees and Chris Monet, director extraordinaire with The Cormana Group. We are way above the tree line near Rankin Inlet. The Tundra is beautiful, with a fierce strength for survival, but totally delicate at the same time. This was one of the few times we actually got to relax, as time is expensive here, and we worked from dawn to dusk, loving every minute of it.